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Princess fairytales:
expand girls’ imaginations as they roleplay a world where anything is possible.
are a helpful tool to explain how girls are daughters of the King.
encourage girls to be passive objects waiting for a prince.
show girls they are priceless and worth fighting for.
teach unbiblical values.
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MB Herald April 2012
Cover art: “He Is Not Here” by He Qi (www.heqigallery.com).

He Qi was a professor at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. He has been creating modern Chinese Christian art since 1983. In his works, He Qi blends together Chinese folk customs and traditional Chinese painting techniques with the western art of the Middle and Modern Ages, and has created an artistic style of colour-on-paper painting.
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February's online poll results

After Reading this issue on evangelical Anabaptism, I think my congregation is

a good blend of the two streams   38%
more evangelical than Anabaptist  23%
more Anabaptist than evengelical  31%
totally different from anything I've read here  8%
March’s online poll results will be posted May

The obituary for Peter Wiebe (Feb.) should have noted that Peter is mourned by Elvera; sons Richard (Gabrielle), Dennis; 2 grandchildren; 1 sister.

Katharina Ewert’s obituary (Feb.) contained incorrect information. Katharina died June 11, 2011, and is mourned by daughter-in-law Ethel. We apologize for the errors.—Eds.