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Princess fairytales:
expand girls’ imaginations as they roleplay a world where anything is possible.
are a helpful tool to explain how girls are daughters of the King.
encourage girls to be passive objects waiting for a prince.
show girls they are priceless and worth fighting for.
teach unbiblical values.
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MB Herald May 2011
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Dig out those dusty back copies from your basement, or click below to see feature articles on hermeneutics published in the Herald over the last 50 years.

Apr. 9, 2004

The hermeneutical task: crossing from the world of the Bible to our world today,” Doug Heidebrecht, pages 4–7.

Oct. 30, 1987

Reading the Bible through coloured glass,” David Ewert, pages 6–9.

Nov. 13, 1987

The church and the Bible,” John E. Toews, pages 2–5.

How do we read the Gospels?” Tim Geddert, pages 6–7.

Interpreting the Acts and Paul,” George Shillington, pages 8–9.

May 23, 1980

From pastoral care to hermeneutics,” James Pankratz, page 11.

From Direction Journal

The Mennonite Brethren Ethos, Vol 23 No 2, 1994

Mennonite Brethren and Evangelicalism, Vol 20 No 1, 1991

Influences on Mennonite Brethren Theology, Vol 10 No 3, 1981
The study conference ad and registration form in the April issue contained an incorrect date for the event. The Mystery of the Cross study conference will be held Oct. 27–29, 2011.